Flagship Fleet Management
Masters of Fleet Management and Analysis.

The shop managers tool to manage work flow, labor efficiency and parts management.  GUI interface tools and reports that focus on open work and equipment history gives managers and shop technicians the information needed to fix equipment efficiently and safely.

Optional modules include:
Scheduler: Make equipment maintenance scheduling work for you.  A simple solution to a complex problem.  A powerful tool to balance the work load with minimal set-up.

Motor-Pool: The motor pool screen is a marvel of simplicity.  Every process concerning the act of renting vehicles is handled form one screen.

The fleet managers tool to get your arms around equipment costs. The ad-hoc analysis module for determining utilization and in depth analysis. The premier tool for depreciation and budget analysis. Provides a standard frame work to allow users to build complex reporting and data sets.

Optional modules include:
Dashboard: Review the fleet at a high level and drill into the transaction detail.

Budgeting: Monthly cost and rate setting made easy.

Replacement analysis is at the core of managing your fleet. Keep equipment too long and maintenance will become overburdened. Disposing of equipment to early and you lose useful life. We have the tool to help you find the best place to replace with easy read graphs and charts to inform the budget folks.

Now your shop can see at a glance in real time the metrics they need to meet their goals. The Flagship Fleet Management Shop Reader Board will give your shop technicians the real time information they need to show how great they can be!

The tool for notifying equipment users when equipment is due for preventive maintenance and scheduling!

For sites that require a simple way of providing a clean monthly billing and assigning costs to individual organizational units. Fleet Billing will interface with your existing fleet management system.

The Flagship fuel processing module is designed to make short work of the process of loading fuel transactions into your fleet management system. We can convert many of the industry standard transaction files into an easy to read format that can be fixed on the fly or apply automated fixes to ready the data for your fleet management, accounting or billing system.

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